13pts down!

13pts done. With Aaron Jones and Baltimore D playing vs Butker for my opponent… the D matchup is what’s makes me nervous. :weary:

I think you have a chance

Obviously Ravens DST isn’t an ideal play this week, but I still think you’ve got a really good shot

Early Looking like I should have just sat the Ravens DST

So what’s the damage? Aaron Jones must be in with a fighting chance of getting you the Win

Why would you roll out a defense that goes against one of, presumably, your highest scoring players. I would have picked up a def for a flier week. You still have a shot depending on how things break though.

Saying there’s a chance! With an INT and fumble recovery, DST gave me 4 points so I’m only down 14 now. Need Aaron Jones to bounce back and eat tonight!

Turns out this was never in doubt

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