14 man 0.5 PPR Keeper Decision (Josh Allen or Josh Jacobs)

I’m in a 14 team, half PPR one quarterback league and this is our first time keeping one player from last year. There are no round penalties for choosing your keeper. I am trying to decide between keeping:

Josh Allen
Josh Jacobs

My heart is telling me to keep Allen, but scarcity at the position is telling me to keep Jacobs even though he appears to be in a worse situation than last year. What would you do? (Normal roster formation of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 6 bench)

I’m still going Allen with this. You’re going to have an advantage at QB over most teams whereas even with the scarcity at RB in a 14 team league, you can still pick up an RB1 in all likelihood (although it depends on who is kept on the rest of the teams I suppose.) And while I think Jacobs will still be good, it’s a little murky there. It also depends probably on whether this is an Auction league or draft. If it’s Auction, I would 100% take Allen still as you can get who you want at RB if you are willing to spend. With Draft, I might be swayed to keep Jacobs depending on your draft position (if you know it yet) and you are late in the draft. If you’re early in the draft, then I would again 100% take Allen.

I think knowing that there’s only a maximum of 14 rb kept I feel I can take Josh Allen and build from there and get solid enough rb to remain competitive.

Jacobs I think will still be usable, I think Drake takes on Booker role + but doesn’t turn it into a total timeshare.

I’ll take Allen here and know I can expect top tier numbers from him.

Thanks for your thoughts guys! I really appreciate it, I’m leaning the same way.

It’s a Draft league (not Auction) but I do already know that I have the 1st overall pick (I won the consolation bracket last year). So I feel like I have a chance at still getting a pretty high value RB, or even possibly someone like Waller with that first pick