14 man .5 ppr

I have the 13th spot in my 14 man league .5 ppr draft this year. My league allows us to do trades of picks so I decided to trade up from the 13th and acquire the 6th pick in the draft ( Gave up my 5th rounder in exchange for his 8th). Should I go with best rb available assuming it could maybe be Zeke, DJ or Bell at that spot or go with the top tier wideouts with Nuk or Adams. I have the 16th pick on the wrap around so what I do with that 6th pick is going to influence that pick big time.


¿When is your draft? the whole zeke drama might be done by then and that will change things a lot also… If you Do decide to go with RB and he is available to you i recomend you choose DJ (his offense was horrible last year and he still ended up as 10th RB) - If you decide to go WR Hopkins or Adams are great choices - if i had the 6th pick id do the WR WR strategy thing -

I think if DJ or Zeke are available I’d go for it, otherwise eiter Adams or Nuk. I wouldn’t take my chance on Bell at 6.

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My draft is next Saturday the 24th. Thanks for the feedback!

That’s the route I’m believing I will go down. I can always grab a Juju, Ty Hill, Mike Evans or even Kelce potentially with that wrap around 16th pick if I do.