14 man Keeper

14 man 1/2 ppr

I’ve got the 11th pick and am without a 2nd rounder. Who should I aim to keep?

Chubb in the 1st round
Mike Evans in the 3rd round
Corey Davis in the 12th round


Corey Davis might be the best overall Value, but I’d just keep Chubb in the 1st.

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In my opinion in 14 teams you have to keep the upper end rb especially if you don’t have a second round pick. Having chubb puts you in a position where you can let value find you a bit rather than needing to get any rb as they’re all disappearing fast.


This is easily chubb for me. He’s not a value in the first (obviously) while some of the other guys are values but in a 14 team with no second rounder you need to take an elite guy here and I have a hard time believing you’ll get anything substantially better by picking one of the other guys. Your top end guys make or break your season entirely and Chubb is one I’m willing to take the bet on.