14 man PPR grade my draft, where should I look to improve?


Surprised I was able to get Nuk and obj but grade my draft with a 14 man .5 PPR

For a 14 man league this roster looks solid. I mean, even with Hunt out ten weeks the rb position is still solid.

For 14 man this team is stacked. Depth is always an issue in 14 team so can’t really judge there but you still have a couple of upside guys. The only potential weak spot is TE and that’s a crap shoot anyway once you get out of the top 5 or 6.

Yeah TE was auto drafted. Lol I like reed upside when he’s actually healthy but that’s seems to be rare

I drafted Reed for the upside too and of course he’s already hurt. I took Waller as a flier, hoping he can have a good year.