14 team Full PPR league advice

Hi guys, my league is going from a 12 team non PPR league to a 14 team Full PPR league. Wanted to know if you guys have any draft day advice? I assume that you would want to fade QB’s even more and focus on rbs and wrs?

I have two main points that might seem a bit contradictory but I’ll try explain myself.

Running backs are still the league winners but you can cope with a relatively weak rb crew.

Running backs will disappear incredibly quickly. And if you end up with a couple big hitters you’re in a great position. But the lower end depth of rb especially third down guys will help you out if you’re weak or struggling with byes.

Its likely that teams with two or more high end rb are best positioned to win but there won’t be many of them in your league.

Because an RB2 is effectively up to rb28 overall, its not entirely impossible to stream at rb with the pass catchers like hines mckissic etc or backups filling in for injuries as they’ll be more valuable than you’re probably used to and still be competitive enough. Almost certainly at least one top 24 rb will be quite low draft cost. For example in past few years Duke Johnson, James White, JD McKissic, Nyheim Hines have been really highly ranked at season end points totals. Even Jalen Richard has had season of being handy in this format.

But moving on from rb, wr is deep. Not bottomless or anything but you’ll probably take wr on 4 of your first 6 or 7 picks.

Qb value is dependent on your league mates. If your group have a few that tend to take two suddenly qb streaming is really difficult and sometimes almost impossible. But they’ll likely still go in similar draft spots to 12 team standard.

Hope this helps you out a little.

Edit as an addition, with the extra game don’t be shocked if more teams lean heavily on committees making rb depth appear deeper but with a much more shallow upside. WR early might be very effective if this is the case and in 14 team ppr it normally is anyway.

So much information here thank you! We find out our draft positions tomorrow and after I’ll be mock drafting a bunch to figure out where I want to take certain positions especially TE and QB. As much as I love the advantage of Kelce or mahomes every week I don’t know that I could bring myself to draft them. Well Kelce I could but mahomes I don’t think so. I feel like Kelce in 1 means I’d go rb, rb, wr, wr or that in some order and hope a good qb is still there. These guys draft qbs alot so unfortunately I can never follow the ballers advice of waiting on a QB

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My 14 team ppr league is the one I like most. Its challenging and quite maddening too. For instance the ballers may mention a waiver add and you’re thinking that guy got drafted and spot starts already give me names I can use… But that’s just the nature of the size of the league

You’ll be looking far deeper in waiver wire than you’d perhaps like but it’s kinda helpful for smaller leagues you’re in too as you tend to have more guys on your radar that if they’re showing something you know about it before they properly take off.

Hopefully you enjoy this and you’re somewhat prepared for the madness.