14 Team Keeper League Question: Kerryon or White?

Hey Footclan! Need some advice. In a 14 tm keeper league: 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE no flex for the starters. Have the option of either keeping Kerryon and losing my 6th round pick, or James White and losing my 12th round. Was leaning White based on value and amount of teams.


Personally lean towards Kerryon even with losing the 6th round pick. Now that Riddick is gone in Detroit Kerryon should get the bulk of the carries and be more involved in the passing game. Kerryon will be a first or second round pick in your draft and has tremendous upside. Do like James White as well especially in PPR but think Kerryon is the choice here for me


Kerryon and it isn’t even remotely close. This is why i don’t like white.


Gotta go Kerryon here. Clear-defined starter, uptick in receiving with Theo Riddick’s departure, and on a run heavy team with Bevell. White will face huge regression and need negative-game scripts or injury to be consistent.

Also, think about where they would go in redraft. In a 14 team keeper, Kerryon would likely go in the 2nd, while White would fall somewhere in the 6th round.

Lastly, only one has a great theme song.