14 Team League - Need a Couple More Owners

Hi guys,
We’ve had a little turnover in our league from people playing too many leagues and can’t commit to any more. $50 entry fee. We play on Yahoo, 1/2 PPR, 4pt TD’s, 4 trans per week, 40 total for the season. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd get payouts. It’s a very competitive league, but people are friendly. If you’re interested, please reply!

Draft date may potentially by August 31st or a Mon/Wed weeknight. Weekends seem to be too busy for everyone.

I was interested until I read the 4 transactions per week/40 total for the season part :nauseated_face:

Ah, sorry! We just do that so players can’t churn and burn. With 14 roster spots and 14 teams, plus 1 IR per team, that’s over 200 players. The waiver wire is crazy deep at that point so the 4/week and 40/season have never been an issue in the past - it’s really just meant to stop roster churning and make people be honest about their roster moves. There is no limit to trades, just to free agent adds.

I kind of get it, I am in a 14 team league with 17 roster spots. I just hate putting any kind of restrictions on how a person can run their team. I feel the same way about trade vetos. If someone is going to churn and burn just to be a dick and screw people, they should be kicked out of the league. No room for any Ruxins in my league.

HI Tim,

I am interested! I’m an active user and would love to join.


I’m interested :sunglasses:

Football Dad - completely agree. There are no trade vetos in our league either. I just put the transaction cap in place to avoid the Ruxin situation in the first place. And bonus points to you for a League reference!

Hi Josh and PSmurf - can you email me at treiste@gmail.com? I can give you a few more league details and take care of the payment and send you the league invite link.

We currently have an odd number of teams - 13 - looking for one more to bump to a good 14 team league. First come, first served!