14 Team PPR Draft

Hey Everyone,

I’ve got a deep draft coming up and I want to hear your strategies. It’s always a little different when you can have 20-something picks between your first player and second. It almost makes the majority of the advice out there obsolete.

This is my 4th year in such a deep league and it plays out differently every season. What do you like to do in order to prep for early, mid, and late picks? I’m at the 4 slot this season and I’m hoping to get RBs taken care of first, then WRs but I still haven’t decided where to slip in a TE or QB.


I am also in a 14 team league and also drafting at the 4 spot this. Im thinking of taking DeVante Adams with the 4th pick, what do you think about that?

I’m in the same type of league. Starting 4 WRs, 2 RBs, and a flex so it makes me want to get Davante with the 6th pick. I’ve also been in this league for several years and almost everybody goes RB, RB with their first two picks. So I feel like I have to take Zeke if he’s there, and then just drill WR for the next 4 rounds…

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Im not sure if I can justify not taking an RB first. If you do, your RB1 looks to be around David Montgomery, but your WR1 can still be DK. I’m so unsure of my strategy though.

Yeah I feel like that’s the route I’m leaning towards. I think I need that solid RB1. The other guy that I really wish I could take would be Kelce, but that leaves you scrambling for a WR1 and RB 1 in the next two… Which might not be bad?