14 Team Standard Trade - Kittle for Godwin

My Team in 14 team standard very competitive :
RBs: D. Swift, T. Coleman, L. Murray, C. Edmonds
WRs: D. Adams, C. Godwin, D. Chark, DJ Moore, W. Fuller, A. Lazard
TEs: B. Jarwin
QB: M. Stafford

The trade I have been offered is Ronald Jones and George Kittle for Chris Godwin.

I think I do this. Your RB2 situation isn’t great and Ronald Jones has the chance to establish himself this hear. And Kittle is set for years. While I think Godwin is the best asset, we still don’t know for sure how this year will go for him and if you’re in win now, the other assets will help you.

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Worth noting my league only starts 1 RB with 2 Flex spots. So I can start 4 WRs.

It’s a pretty fair trade in a vacuum. I’d probably rather stay where you’re at, or get a little more back to entice you to do the trade. If you can start Adams, Godwin, Chark, DJM I’d be more looking to trade Fuller than I would Godwin

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I am surprised nobody is highlighting to positional advantage of Kittle. I am very deep at WR, so I don’t lose too much there, but instead gain at RB and get potentially the best or second best tight end. In 14 team leagues that make a big difference week to week. I did take the trade.