14th pick 14-team PPR strategy

Hi everyone,

I’m in a 14-Team PPR league & got the last pick of this year’s draft, so obviously I have a lot of interesting strategies I can go with.

At the moment & based on some mocks that I made, when my turn comes I’m usually left with RBs like Ekeler, Drake, Mixon etc which are all very decent picks, however I’m still debating on the general strategy I should go with.

Since this is a big league, if I’m not stocking up on two RBs on my first 2 picks I’m usually left with the likes of Conner/Mostert (or worse) as my RB2 which is far from optimal. So not taking at least one RB on my first couple of picks is not an option. However, my position allows me to draft studs like Lamar Jackson/Travis Kelce along with a strong RB which is something I’m strongly considering.

What I’m basically asking is:
(1) Who would you draft as the RB1? I’m leaning towards Mixon or Drake at the moment
(2) Would you go RB-heavy on the first two picks (i.e, drafting both Mixon & Drake) or go RB+QB (Lamar)? Honestly, I see Lamar having another monster season, at least from a fantasy standpoint, and owning at least one elite player that provides 25+ fppg is crucial

Any input would be appreciated, thanks!