16 team league trade

16 team/PPR 1 RB/1 WR and 2 Flex

He offered up this

I am trying to counter with this

Would you accept the first trade?

No way in hell I’m accepting that first trade. The only position that can even be argued you are improving at is WR and still Keenan Allen:

A) Is always injured and is currently banged up
B) Is on a team that is in shambles and just fired their OC so no clue what is happening there
C) Still has a week 12 BYE coming up

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Would you accept the counter, I was thinking about?

In 16 team league QB are worth more than most since there is zero starting qb on the waiver wire.

So long as this is not a keeper league I’m fine with the counter.

Darnold has a solid schedule coming up so should you need him over Rodgers (doubtful) chances are he will have a decent matchup.

Godwin is an obvious bump here big time

Niners D while I still think is Elite, has a pretty rough schedule coming up.

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Non keeper league. He will put in Godwin. But wants JuJu