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16 Team League


The league that forced me to learn how to make my own projections and learn about advanced statistics… 16 teams… Standard (nonPPR) scoring… QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, FLEX, FLEX, K, DEF, IDP, IDP, IDP… going into its 10th year/anniversary… competition in the last 4 seasons has been improving and I expect 2017 to be the most competitive yet…

I want to probe the thinking of the forum, what sort of draft strategy would you bring? I typically have tried to secure 5 or 6 RB/WR before looking at QB… (unless somebody drops in my lap). When do you look at IDP players? (Based on scoring i feel LBs are the most consistent and valuable players)

Ask me questions… post your thoughts… i just want to talk about fantasy.


I would highly recommend not entering the draft with a preconceived notion as to how you are going to draft. You likely don’t know your draft position, and you don’t know what league mates will do exactly, so I would suggest going in open-minded, following your tiers, and drafting based on the values that fall to you. I hope this helped Good Luck.