16 Team PPR League ... Looking to Trade Gurley

Can anyone suggest 1 RB and 1 WR combo worthy of trading Todd Gurley in a 16-Team PPR league? My other RB is McKinnon…? Thanks all!!!

  • JD

Why trade gurley… if your set on it freeman os an rb target and maybe micheal thomas or someone of that calliber

His playoff schedule is pretty gnarly :(. Looking for someone like McCoy with a better run…

I just scored McCoy and Russell Wilson for Gurley and K. Cousins, I’m excited… If you could get McCoy and a WO2, I think it would be great.

Specifically I am thinking of a K. Allen or D. Parker or S. Shepard. Honestly, I think Shady McCoy and Gurley is a good trade straight up for rest of season, but you get to say Gurley is #1 and attempt to get more value.