18 team best ball guillotine

I’m doing an 18 team best ball guillotine league and got draft position 1. Obviously, I took CMC 1.01 but now having a hard time deciding what to do at the 2/3 turn. These are picks 36 and 37. Then I won’t pick again until picks 72 and 73. Top RB available is Chris Carson. Kittle is the only remaining TE of the big 3. Josh Allen and Kyler are both still there. WRs available are A.Rob, Mike Evans, Amari Cooper, Godwin.

Roster is 2RB 3WR 1TE 3 flex. Do I go RB/QB and count on getting WR value late even though this means taking Kyler/Josh earlier than they should go? Or do I go QB/TE and just hang my hat on having a total stud at those three positions? Or do I ignore QB and TE as the least valuable positions and get a WR or two early while there are still a couple potential top 15 guys?