1QB dynasty startup

It’s my first time playing dynasty and I’m wondering if it is worth it to grab mahomes with my first or second pick. At what point could you consider taking mahomes over a young RB or WR?

I have him 10th overall right now behind D.Henry in my 1st draft rankings.

Your gonna have to take him in the 2nd if you want him but I’d just grab someone else in a 1qb and take some young talent that will be there early

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I’m just trying to decide at what point I would want him in the second. Do I draft guys like Chubb, Diggs, Jefferson over mahomes? And if so, do I also value the young running back group of Akers, Dobbins, Gibson, swift over mahomes?

I would value all those guys over mahomes in 1 QB. I’m thinking mid to late 3rd is where I’d even consider. Value those Rbs on rookie contracts the highest

Even in 6pt. Passing TDs league?
And thank you for the advice, it’s what my head is telling me it’s just worth the thought to lock up a top tier QB for the next 5+ years. I’ve just never played dynasty and some of these younger players seem like a huge risk where mahomes is as close to a lock as we’ve seen in recent years.

Yea for sure man gotta make sure your prepared . How many teams are in the league

12 team league

.5 ppr
6 points passing TD
6 points rushing/receiving TD

Okay then I’d personally try to get around the 6-8th Qb off the board . You will have an easier path to reload with Qb in future drafts

Thank you!
My goal is to shoot for Herbert, Burrow, Lawrence in that range.

Let us know how it goes ! Good luck

In my opinion you’re putting yourself in a weaker position than you need to. Mahomes as your qb is something everybody wants, but there are several other qbs with windows of 5+ years of high level production in 1qb format - even a 31 year old qb has a long enough window to not need to reach for qb.