1RB PPR league draft order help

Draft order for my league is coming up this week. Being a 1RB 2WR 1FLEX league, where would you want to draft? Top 3 and snag a surefire RB1 but then left with Fitz/Baldwin as your WR1. Or sit back around 7-10 and get OBJ, Julio, Hop paired with another WR1 (Adams, Aj green) or a back end RB1 (McCaff, Cook). Thanks Footclan!

Near the top and get a top RB. Depending if you are a fan of these RBs you got hope for #4 and get the end of the litter of Bell, Gurley, Zeke, and DJ. Possibly have a choice between them if you have someone take AB. Also with it being 1 RB, a lot of people probably will take RBs quick leaving you better options in a late second round WR such as Thomas or Allen. I know that is a stretch but if you do not get him, you are still looking at Adams, Green, Baldwin, or Thielen. Final verdict is hope to be in the top of the first round.

Agree with @ManningsOFace69. I would say 5th spot is best. Ensures one of of Gurley/Bell/Elliot/DJ/Brown. I really want one of those guys on my team. Picking 1.05 allows me to have a higher 2nd (2.08 in a twelve team league).

I’ve never seen a 1 RB league before. I feel like one of the top 4 RBs becomes even more if an advantage in this league, as compared to the more common 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex format, because your opponent has less starting spots to make up the ground.

I never win in this league but am usually a contender in my 2RB leagues. Even with Julio and Hopkins as my WR, I didn’t make playoffs. I will take the advice and try to get in the #4/5 spot and will for sure be able to snag David Johnson or Zeke. Hopefully back it up with AJ Green or at worst Baldwin. Happy drafting guys, thanks for the advice.