1st 2 round Keeper Question

I am in a 12 man standard 2 keeper league, unfortunately if you keep 2 you lose your first 2 picks. I have hopkins and freeman and the 8th pick. Would you be happy with these 2 to start or roll the dice and keep 1 or no one and see what others don’t keep that might fall to me at 8?

Depends on the available player pool. Is there a required number of keepers? Have you done a potential keeper list from the other teams rosters and who they like to see who would be available with a 2nd round pick or in the 3rd.

I’d most likely keep Hopkins and then see who am i most likely to get at 2.05 if I don’t keep Freeman, assuming it’s a snake draft and you have the 2nd round pick.

If someone is loaded from last year and can only keep 2 of 4 great players then maybe you roll the dice, but depends on the player pool out there. Would 1-7 all be keeping 1 and if you keep 0 can you get Barkley?

So if you keep both you lose round 1 and 2… So if you keep 1 then do you just lose round 2?

If I keep 1 I lose first round. I have done a player check on the teams ahead of me, and it makes me want to keep both. Brown is on a team with gurley and johnson so i think he will be back in the draft but go 1, Barkley 2.

How I see it going

  1. Pick - Antonio Brown
  2. Pick - Saquon Barkley
  3. Pick - Leonarde Fournette
  4. Keep Lev Bell
  5. Keep Melvin Gordon
    6.Keep Julio Jones
  6. Keep Kareem Hunt
    8. Keep Deandre Hopkins
  7. Keep A.J Green
  8. Keep Zeke
  9. Keep Gurley
  10. Keep Gronk
    Round 2
  11. Draft Mckinnon
  12. Keep David Johnson
  13. Keep OBJ
  14. Keep Dalvin Cook
    17. Keep Devonta Freeman
  15. Keep Jordan Howard
  16. Draft Joe Mixon
  17. Keep Lesean McCoy
  18. Keep Kamara
  19. Draft Aaron Rodgers
  20. Draft Christian McCaffrey
  21. Draft Michael Thomas

highlighting my picks caused the numbers to be wrong, the picks are in order though