1st and 4th overall dynasty pick

Hey all!

Obviously Clyde is my first, but debating who I should grab at 4th? If Dobbins falls that’s the go to, but pretty sure with my roster I need another RB. Would you go Cam, Swift or Gibson?


Cam or Gibson for me. I traded a first and second for them both right before AP was waived to add to CEH and Barkley on my roster. Gibson has more value initially but if the Rams offense starts flying again and Cam wins out then it could be the Cam show.
The Rams RB coach has come out and said he wants a main guy and doesn’t want to play the carousel game. Take that for what it’s worth since McVay also said he’s riding the hot hand. As a Rams fan myself, I think this means that once they find the hot hand then that’s their dude. It’s either going to be Henderson or Akers. Most likely Akers for early down and Henderson on third down depending on how is blocking has improved.
Gibson is definitely the dude in Washington based on Peterson’s comments and looks to be extremely talented. There is a lot of unknown but it looks promising right off the get go and that’s where the high upside comes into play. Initially he will have great value but his later value depends on Bryce Love and how he plays into their scheme as JD and Peyton are probably special teams/backup roles with the exception of JD possibly being a 3rd down guy.

Sorry for being long winded but hope that helps.

This is very thorough and thoughtful explanation! I know it’s a toss up and neither is the pure guy yet, but both are promising