1st Draft pick/keeper league

Our league is 12 team ppr. 1 keeper for first round pick.

I have the 5th pick. Original plan was to go with Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, JJSS. Get a solid WR1 here.

But it was recently said that Zeke may be available. Do you take the shot on Zeke if he is still there? Kamara + Zeke is a deadly combo at RB. I am leaning that way but wanna see what you all think.


I’m going WR (specifically MT) here for sure.

Kamara + Zeke is great but I think you can grab a RB later that will do just fine as a RB 2 behind Kamara. Plus if you play the waiver wire right you can easily snatch up a #1 RB in a backfield later on. It’s going to be difficult to find a WR later on or on waivers that even gets close to MT value in PPR. Add in the contract issues + off field history of Zeke and I’m going to the safer pick with MT all day.

The other thing I was thinking too, if the Cowboys truly do value Dak more than Zeke (which they should), then that may rub Zeke the wrong way. If Dak gets his crazy ass pay day he wants, that’s only going to stir the pot with Zeke and his contract dispute. Just feel like it could be a headache that you shouldn’t have to worry about with your first pick. You should walk away from your first pick knowing you will get a 16 game contributor (excluding injuries of course) and you just don’t know for sure if you are going to get that with Zeke.

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Thats fair. I could see it going either way. Im leaning Tyreek rn between the receivers but it is splitting hairs to me. Ill just have to see who drops to me.

Im just not sure I can pass that value, Zeke at essentially the 2.05. But if he doesnt play, similar to what you said, pretty much ruins the season. Tough choice.

I’m just a little nervous about Hill. Both because of the off field stuff + I’m curious if teams sort of figure out Mahomes a little more now that they have had a year to study film on him. Breese to Thomas is a tried and true connection. That in a PPR is huge.

With that being said, you really can’t go wrong with either guy (including Zeke). I just tend to like to get a top RB + top WR if I can. But it’s personal preference for sure.

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If i have the chance to get kamara AND zeke im definetely taking it … hes most probably going to play … ill take the risk

That is my hold up too… man that would be deadly.

Kamara and Zeke no doubt. That duo will win you weeks.