1st Dynasty draft help

Hello all and thanks in advance. I have my first dynasty draft coming up and I’ve got the #2(traded for) and the #5. Super Flex half ppr start up. Any help will be appreciated.

Pray #1 doesn’t pick Mahomes haha, & grab him if he’s there. I’d rank them CMC / Lamar / Saquon after that, but that’s pretty fluid.

At #5, pray one of those big 4 is still available LOL – but as they probably won’t be, I’d nail down what direction you want to go – immediate contention vs. a longer build. I’d probably get an elite RB & try to compete in Year 1 (which then slightly affects some later decision-making … bump Julio up a little, JK Dobbins down a little, etc.)

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Jackson or Mahomes at #2, BPA at #5 that isn’t a QB, and then pretty much BPA the rest of the way while keeping an eye out for players who should’ve been taken much earlier but after dropping (value picks).

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