1st dynasty draft. How did I do?

Just looking for some insight on my first dynasty draft, strengths and weaknesses and possible ideas of what I need.

Qb; Mahomes, Goff, Manning
Rb: elliot, Mixon, Royce, booker, Chubb, Prosise, Scarborough
Wrs: Robinson, do Moore, Kirk, mike Williams, galloday, agholor, desean, Marquez scantling, fountain, Albert Wilson
Te: Ebron, brate, Everett
Defense: ravens, Seahawks

Thanks for any input!

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I think you did ok. I would say that you went kind of young and rookie centric, which can help for the future but may challenge you in the first few years. I typically like to balance younger players with known producers to win Now and later.

You crushed it! Great draft.

I think the WRs are your biggest weakness, but an above average draft

Thanks man! Hard to turn off redraft mode

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I’m having a hard time debating between trading youth now or waiting a year and hope their stock rises.

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Good draft but definitely lacking on veterans. You can get great value on some veterans who can produce for you for a couple years. You never know what’s going to happen in the future in NFL so going pure rookies in the hopes they turn out good is pretty risky. If you picked up a couple more veteran pieces at WR/TE, think it might help your team find some balance.

Keep the youth! I’m super high on all those young WRs you have; DJ Moore, Kirk, Golladay… All three are absolute monsters! Same with your RBs. Only one I’m not too high on, personally, is Royce Freeman… But I think he still has great value for you! You’ll definitely be competing right away… And your team is only going to get better as those young guys develop. Ideal dynasty draft, IMO!

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How many teams?

I am actually a little worried about this WR group here it goes from sturdy to hopeful so quick- but if you were going to take shots I like the ones you have taken - I like Kirk, Golladay, and especially Agholor to be potential cogs for their offenses.

With no elite TE or QB who took up a round or two- the RB/WR groups seem risky. I love Zeke and Mixon, but Royce/Booker and Chubb are still hopeful picks. Football changes SO fast, especially at RB. Lacy, Abdullah, Yeldon, Langford, Rawls, J-Hill were huge in dynasty only two years ago and now they are gone. I would try to convert one of Chubb or Royce if the hype finds them this summer into a WR2 or someone who can help you now.

If this is a 16-team league though, I think this is actually sitting pretty good - still would be nice to have a sturdy WR2 in there.

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14 team. I am as well a little worried about my wr 2 for this year. Having a hard time figuring out which rookie to trade for a wr2. I was thinking about shooting for crowder or Landry in a trade but agolohr, Moore, or Kirk could potentially put up those ppr numbers next year. Agolohr maybe even this year. Tight end just went super quick on me and I was picking at the turn so I lost allot of my prospects.

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The good news is, you have your WR2 on your roster. Moore is an eventual WR1, IMO, and I’d put Golladay safely as a future high-end WR2 (I’m super high on Kenny G!). And Kirk has the safest floor of them all.

Honestly, I think by trading any of your young talent you’ll be having to sell for pennies on the dollar. Unless you can poach some savvy vets for cheap, I’d stand pat and be patient. In a 14 team league, everybody’s going to have their weak points. At least yours will resolve themselves naturally with time and experience. I wouldn’t do anything drastic. This roster is nice! Real nice.

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Thanks man. I was worried cuz I kept picking upside over past consistency and know that can bite you in the ass. I just need and upgrade at te eventually. Mahomes could be a great future qb. Thanks for all the advice!

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like M. Williams!