1st in waiver order.... Guide me intelligent fantasy owners

I need a FLEX badly… WR, TE, or RB. And unfortunately, looking at this person as a starter for the next few weeks (possibly longer). Of course things change but that’s where I am now. Leaning Brown or McLaurin. Who you taking?

Full PPR

1st on waiver with these available players:
John Brown
John Ross
Terry McLaurin
Marquise Brown
Mecole Hardiman
Malcolm Brown
TJ Hockenson ((already have OJ Howard so TE probs not best option)
Waller (already have OJ Howard so TE probs not best option)

I’m a big Mclaurin fan due to Snap count and the redskins will typically be playing from behind.
Brown will be very volatile due to J Allen.
Ross seems like a solid choice, but I’ve lost my trust in him…
Malcolm Brown is a solid choice, but very risky with TG.
Could see if someone else needs a TE and use Hock or Wallerus for Trade Bait…

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Leaning same way. Ross worries me with AJ coming back too. Although a rookie with only one game to go on… It just feels like McLaurin is the Skins WR1. John Brown is the Bills WR1. And I need to go with the safest pick here.

I vote John Brown

I too vote John Brown for WR. What about for RB? Would you guys say it’s Malcolm Brown? I too have the # 1 waiver priority but am deep at WR and am RB needy.

Brown is just a speculative add tbh. I feel his week 1 tds were an anomaly


Chris Thompson if available, other than Malcolm Brown but who knows what kind of timeshare he and Gurley are going to be in now…strange backfield right now


@dustin_mitchell… what WR would you go with then?

If it helps, I’m sitting on Keenan, Mike Evans, Christian Kirk, Pettis (dropping), and Robby Anderson.

I like john brown the most. Mclaurin is decent add as well. Keep this in mind with mclaurin is that if Keenum gets pulled haskins comes in and those 2 played together in college so there is already chemistry there. I didnt see you mention gio early so if you need rb more I’d grab gio.

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I can’t expect Gurley to play all 16 games healthy. If he goes down, wouldn’t Brown be a high upside RB2? I don’t think he’ll get 2 TDs every week but it appears the Tams are going to use him for at least 10 carries a game. Your thoughts?

@Mweyant1203 I love Malcolm Brown but for me personally… I don’t feel like I’m in a position to sit him on the bench right now. And I’m not sure it’s safe enough to put him in a lineup at this point. But I agree… Just don’t see TG making it a full season. And I think he’s a for sure starter if/when TG sits out.

I don’t need to start brown if I claim him. I would likely flex Lockett or Dede or Tyrell Williams. My other two WRs are Juju and Woods. Brown could be a league winner if Gurley misses time(which he probably will). Similar to Mattison if Cooks goes down. Although I like Mattison as a talent munch more. Would you scrap all this about Brown and get Thompson instead or just don’t burn the waiver priority?

Who are your RBs now? If you don’t have to plug a RB this week, I feel like I’d go Malcolm Brown. If you need a RB this week, I’d take Chris Thompson. Plus, if TG does go down, you’d have some serious trade bait if you didn’t feel the necessity to play him.

Having said that, I’m sure there’s some much smarter players than me! So may want to get some more input here.

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If I were you I’m probably grabbing hockenson and trying to flip him or pair him for a RB.

I think the Rams have Gurley on a snap count and are using M. Brown to wear down dudes in the first half and then unleashing a “fresh” Gurley in the 2nd half. All of Gurleys damage came in the 2nd half. If this is indeed their plan, then I think he may make it a whole season. They’re not trying to abuse their biggest financial investment.

But yes, if he goes down, Brown would be a high upside RB2, low RB1. Stashing him would be a solid move… but if you needed help / wins now, then I would go with someone else. If you have the option to leave Brown on your bench until we understand his utilization, then brown.

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I also like the idea of trying to flip hockenson, I’m actually doing that in one of my leagues, as I have hunter henry also. Hopefully it will work out…

My RBs are Saquon, Chris Carson and Devin Singletary. That’s it. It’s not much. I see Singletary’s role and usage increasing as time goes on. I just need RB depth. Lamar Jackson and Marty Ice are my QBs. TE is OJ Howard.

I wound provably drop Christian Kirk to pickup Malcolm Brown or Thompson. I appteciate any input you have.

Standard or PPR?

My original post is a full PPR league

Mweyant, if its PPR, I’d take Chris Thompson. He has standalone value as a flex, with RB2 upside. Especially with Guice out and Peterson…peterson.
If its standard…then I’d go Brown. If its half point PPR…the choice is yours. but it doesn’t seem like you need a RB right now…so Brown may be the better fit. Because as you stated earlier, if TG goes down…hes an RB2/RB1.