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1st Keeper team Help


I am in my first keeper league where i get to keep 3 players. Its a .5PPR, 1QB 2RB 2WR 2FLX 1TE and we have 12 teams in the league. its an auction draft with 200 budget. Do i keep Julio Jones for 74?! I feel like that is really high, looking back at last year 68 was the highest player gone, which was him LOL. I just don’t want to throw him back out there, then lose him in the draft and have everyone else keep the tier 1 guys and end up with nothing at that level.

My current other keepers are Brady for 10 and Melvin Gordon for 10 as well.

Thank you in advance.


I’d throw him back out there for that price, do you have to keep 3? What are your other options?


I would def throw him back. Half your budget is gone with 3 players kept. I would try to keep someone less than 25ish. What options do you have?


Here is my team and keeper cost.

maybe CJ anderson? i have heard good things about him so far this summer, he just has some competition so idk.


I guess Baldwin would be your only choice here.


You dont think CJ will have any luck this year?


20 isn’t a bad price for him, but there is so little reliable news coming out of the Broncos I am not sure what that running game will look like. CJ is a good player, but most of his success came from a really strong O-line, which they don’t have anymore. Charles can’t stay healthy, but when he is…he does it all as good as anyone else. If Charles is healthy he takes over that backfield, but that is a big if. Honestly I don’t even know if he is at practice.


i hear ya, Charles is the big question mark. i think he got cleared, but not 100% sure on that yet.


should i have any worry about me losing him and no one else putting back the tier 1 guys?


gordon or baldwin for sure. me, im keeping gordon. thats a cheap price for an RB1. especially this year with the RB scarcity and the unknown of who will step up and be in the top tier RB.


Update, found out Charles has been doing 7 on 7’s but will get to run full pads this week.


If CJ is basically free I would lean him, but Baldwin is the solid unsexy guy that you know what you are going to get out of.


if i remember right cj is 20 for me to keep.


def Baldwin then. He isn’t worth 20


you think 10 for Baldwin isnt to much?


I think thats about where he would be priced, if not a touch higher so I think he will be a good pick


I would definitely go Brady, Baldwin and Gordan. You will still have plenty of budget left and 3 of the top players at their position.