1st overall pick, 12 team (non PPR) - Go RB,RB,RB?

So I will go with Barkley as the 1st overall pick, but then when it comes back to me at 24th and 25th, it seems very likely that the value will be at running back here as well. Probably will end up taking D. Freeman and either Damien Williams or Carson.
Would you do this and then roll with your best WR possible in rounds 4 and 5?

I might even draft a tight end (like OJ Howard) with the 5th round pick, but then my 2nd WR would be really weak.

Any thoughts from the experts out there?


Looking at the tiers the ballers provide you hit the nail on the head for what your projected player pool would be. I think that if you stick to your 3 RB strat, your better off holding off on the TE altogether and waiting for the late rounds to snag one, since after the first 3-5 TE’s it’s a crapshoot anyways. 2 WR’s in rounds 4 and 5 could have you end up in a tier with Tyler Boyd and Cooper Kupp, which i think is not a terrible WR1 and 2

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As much as I love Barkley I tend to lean Kamara at 1 due to what I think will be more TDs just because of the offense. If you go RB first 3 picks I don’t hink I would go TE that early and try to snag a solid WR 2 in the 5th like Mike Williams or Robby Anderson who could both have very solid TD production.

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Thanks for the response. I’ve done some recent mock drafts and it seems like Robby Anderson is fairly likely to fall to me at the end of the 6th round. This has happened in 3 out of 4 that I have done. I might try to take a chance that he will still be there. I feel like the drop off from OJ Howard’s projected points to the tier 4 guys is pretty big compared to the difference on the WR position.

If I’m taking a TE I want one of the big 3 or one of the last guys personally.