1st overall pick on 2-3 turn

Half pt. Ppr. 10 man league, 2 flex spots.

On the 2-3 turn should I take the best overall wr and te or should I take the best two overall wrs. Most of the time all the top tier Rbs are gone by this time.

Examples of wr still available are sometimes hill, Goodwin, golladay, and moore are usually there. Kelce and Kittle or at least one of them is usually there for Te.

Thanks in advance


I would still try to lock up the best RB in the second. The drop off is even worse in the 3rd/4th. Then I would go WR. You could go TE also. Kittle/Kelce are pretty much WR1s at that range. WRs are ungodly deep this year.

Thanks true but generally the next rb available is Chris Carson and you can get him in the 3-5 rnds sometimes. I got him at spot 5.1 In a mock earlier. That’s why I wanted to focus on wr wr or te wr for rnds 2-3.

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