1st overall pick tonight, do I take zeke?

Title pretty much sums it up. Been taking zeke #1 since about April and now I’m nervous as if I should since he’s holding out. Thought? Who would you rather take? 12 team standard

Personally i would go Barkley at this point in time. The hold out is risky. Good luck!

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I’d go Saquon.


What about @ #4? half ppr

Earliest I would take Zeke if I’m drafting today would be #4.

I’d go with any of Saquon, CMC, or Kamara over Zeke right now. I think he’ll come back sooner than later, and he’d be my #2 if he were in camp right now. But at 1 overall, my advice would be take less of a risk there.

#4 ppr - kamara or CMC. If both gone go hopkins or adams which ever you prefer.

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God no not Zeke 1. Probably go Barkley in standard