1st pick in 12-team keeper

12-team 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2 Flex and 2 IDP

Have CMC and Aaron Jones as keepers in full PPR.

Zeke is available. Full cadre of top tier WR are still available as well. Adams, Hopkins, Thomas and Evans. Having 2 first top workhorse backs would be pretty cool but I’m still leaning toward Adams/Hopkins for balance (and the risk Zeke holds out).

EDITED: Looks like Kamara is available as well…CMC and Kamara…wow

All three are great decisions.

It’s like deciding what you’re going to order at a BBQ joint. All the meats will satisfy your hunger.

I do lean Zeke though cause you would have 2 of the top 4 players in fantasy, and you’ll be able to get really good WR value later in the draft.

If you take Zeke, you could target WRs such as;
R Woods - 4th
R Anderson - 5th/6th
M Jones - 8th
E Sanders - 10th

The road to your success has many paths.

Thank you…I just found out the owner of Kamara decided to release him back to the draft pile. We lose the pick of the round from where our keepers were drafted. (CMC - rd 2, AJ - rd 10). May go with Kamara anyway over Zeke regardless of his status by Sunday.

Oh dang you can get Kamara that’s hype af. Light it up bro, ya’ll gonna be crushing it.

full PPR Kamara all the way, unless you hear of a deal getting done from Jerry himself in the next few days before your draft. Lots of WR depth this year that list with Anderson, Goodwin…was a good one

please take a look at my dilemma:

You are as stacked at RB as anyone I’ve seen and you have a lot of potential upside at WR. That trade sounds reasonable though Chubb will be the go to for the first half of the season. I think Reed is a fine TE to start the year. This is as healthy as he will be. I’m personally going to be drafting the likes of Reed, Burton or Cooks.