1st pick - question at the 2/3 turn regarding gronk

Thoughts on this?

I’ve drawn first pick in a 12 team, standard scoring, snake draft league. I’ll be grabbing an RB right off the bat, but in a few mocks I’ve done when I hit the 2/3 turn, I see gronk sitting there.

Do I go Gronk/RB and still expect to find value in some WRs at the 4/5 turn? Or do I take a pass and go RB/WR like my brain is telling me.

If it were me I would consider Gronk/WR there. You’ll no doubt draft gurley or bell first, then you get the stud TE. To me there is more value at RB in rounds 4/5/6 than for WR in those rounds.

If Gronk somehow falls to the 2/3 turn then yes. I haven’t seen that happen in any of the mocks I’ve done yet though. Definitely would be worth it.

If a top rate RB like Fournette, Kamara or Gordon are there, I’d go one of them plus a WR, otherwise definitely WR/Gronk.

The mix of RBs around the turn I’m seeing are Henry, McCaffrey, McKinnon, shady, Collins. It’s 24 picks deep, those guys are gone in the first.

oh shoot you’re right, idk what i was thinking! yeah go WR/Gronk