1st place team blatant tanking to manipulate 1st round opponent

Would like to get a take. In our league 4 teams make the playoffs. The first place team left his lineup blank (literally leaving all “EMPTY”) in order to manipulate his 1st round opponent. I find this very unethical and unfair to the other teams in the playoffs.
Two teams are tied for 4th (the last playoff spot). He was playing the team he wanted to win and play in the 1st round which would eliminate the “HOT” team he didn’t want to play by "granting/giving that team the win!
Personally, I am friends with these guys, but this one guy is terrible to play with and this is two years in a row he has done this. I am done with this league.

To me, leaving a lineup blank is essentially not setting your lineup.

Any owner who does not set their lineup after a warning should not be asked back. If this is a repeat problem (as you have indicated), then I would not invite said owner back next year.

Either that or follow your own advice and be done with the league.

Thanks Glenn. I called him out on this and his response was …Damn right I tanked, I am in 1st and earned the right to do what I want… Of course, my team needed the win and the other 4th place team to lose to secure that 4th playoff spot… Just really got to me.

That’s tough, sorry that happened to you. I’d clarify with the league and maybe hold a vote to clarify a stance moving forward.

That being said, starting a non-optimal lineup is different than leaving an entire lineup blank, and its never appropriate to start 0 players (especially considering half the reason you require owners to remain active is to ensure “fair” competition for other teams outside of the given match-up).

I’ve seen a lot of arguments surrounding topics from clear collusion to owners who were simply upset about trades. All of it in my opinion boils down to the idea that its better to have a clear rule on any foreseeable scenario (even if you couldn’t predict something like this last year, you could still make a rule change in the off-season) that’s detrimental to the good of the league.

just because he is in first place does not give him the power to try and fix his path through the playoffs…If i was the commish i would have placed people in his lineup.

I would make a statement that he will not be invited back next year. In my mind this is up there with collusion.

Agreed. In my league, we have a rule where an owner has been warned, and still does not set their lineup, it is filled with the highest projected players in each spot (and they are not invited back next year)

However, in another league, the members voted against this practice. Hence, the legislate to remove denial plausibility argument I mentioned earlier.

Thats a tough one, as a soccer fan, im used to this kind of things happening in real life, as teams that are already qualified play kinda soft against a team thats worst and could eliminate some bigger rival from qualifying, i think this is kinda normal, to be honest. But… We are playing fantasy football, not soccer, and we cant make our team play “not at the highest level” in a week. That said, i believe leaving you line up empty is bullshit. If you want to do this type of thing, put some backups in your lineup and hope they dont have the best game of the season, but at least set your line up and take it seriously… To go back to soccer, it would be like the team who doesnt need to win just didnt get in the field and took the WO loss.

In time: playing your backups, or “resting” some of your studs in your bench for a week you just dont have anything to play for, is not the most ethical thing but is something i would “accept” easier. Putting ALL your players on the bench seems like bullshit to me and you should have a serious conversation on your group chat about this attitude and talk to the comissioner.

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yes, that is what I am thinking. This league has been in play for 20 yrs and I am one of 4 original members. We went to the Champion takes over Commissionership the following year. This guy has won 3 out of 4 yrs now (not an original member). And I am just starting to realize he has done this several times. We have always had a fair competition gentleman’s agreement. Sadly, this may be the demise of the league.

Well, Karma will usually win out and hopefully he loses to the “bad” team next week when he would have beaten the “hot” team.

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Are there rules in place to prevent this kind of stuff? If not seems like it’s fair game unfortunately. I’d be done with that league too

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Unfortunately not. The league has always had a fair play mentality. But this is a newer member and he will force the issue for sure.

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