1st round advice

12man full PPR

3Man keeper - keeping
David Johnson
James Conner
Julian Edelman

I have pick 1.7 best availible are
Kerryon Johnson
Dalvin Cook
Arron Jones
Brandon cooks

Who should i choose?

at that spot with 2 RBs and a WR already in your back pocket, you can take top talent available. so i would take kelce, since the talent gap is pretty wide between him and everyone else you mentioned. for their position i should say. i would love to have any of those players. but with a solid stable of RBs already on my team, and the top WR being cooks in your opinion, i know i can wait on the others to come back around to me. kelce wont, and will give you a big advantage at TE. i normally dont take TEs that early, but 3 man keeper, its basically like getting kelce in the 4th and i would do that all day long. hopefully you can snag KJ or jones on the way back to give you FANTASTIC RB depth, but i would also be happy with cooks and edelman as my starting 2 WRs paired with DJ, Connor, and Zeus himself.

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Kelce not close. Curious price and how why you’re keeping Edelman I’m way down on him compared to like everyone.

13th round keeper for Edelman, only other guy i could keep was Sony michel for a 6th so i went with the value