1st round help

I’m keeping Gurley in the second round. I will have my choice of Kamara, Fournette, Barkley or Julio most likely. Who would you pair given the choice and why? Barkley scares me given the lack of track record and Kamara will likely regress. Fournette has injury history and Julio is scared of the end zone. Thoughts?

Anybody out there?

Format matters a little bit…
If it’s PPR I go julio.

If not I prob go Barkley… His pedigree is amazing… And if you are too nervous… Draft him and let him blow up one game and trade him for the world… I think he will be good though…

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Sorry I meant to list the rules. 10 team 1/2 ppr with .25 pts per carry.

I’d take Barkley 5th in a redraft league in any format, so that’s my answer.

Def go Barkley or fornette with that point 25 per carry

Barkley > Kamara > Fournette > JJ.

Could easily swap Fournette for Kamara though given the 0.25 ppc

I value all the advice given so far but I’m a bit surprised that everyone is placing Barkley before Kamara. The UDK says otherwise, not saying they are right for sure, just surprised.

Well Andy is actually an outlier when it comes to Kamara which throws off the rankings a bit. End of the day, its a volume thing.

Barkley is going to see 350+ touches, easily. Kamara won’t really come close to that number. He’ll make up for it in efficiency and probably higher TD upside since he’s on a much better offense.

I have them ranked back to back so couldn’t fault you for taking Kamara but barkley has the slight edge. The one thing that does have me worried is this hamstring injury. Not sure how serious it is but hamstring injuries tend to linger throughout the season.

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Pretty well sums it up, though I think Barkley has the higher TD upside. Really, higher upside in general. Also the higher floor, do to the higher workload.

Basically, less things have to go right for Barkley to produce fantasy numbers.