1st round pick + Claypool for Thomas?

Thomas owner is open to trading him and said he would consider 1st round pick + Claypool for Thomas.

Is this buying low on Thomas, or do we think he’s headed for an AB type of situation? Worried his relationship with the Saints is souring, and unsure of who his QB will be next year. Even if it’s Bree’s, he’s been on the decline as far as being a passer goes and could limit his ceiling.

Thoughts anyone?

Where is your first round pick at? There is no guarantee that Claypool has Ben for that much longer either. If it’s a higher 1st rnd pick I’d keep it and grab a younger dude if you’re interested in targeting a WR. You might have to reach a bit but Chase or Smith would be great picks depending on what teams grab them.

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PPR or non PPR? How many teams? Superflex or 2QB? Devy?

Do you consider yourself a contender?

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PPR, 12 teams, 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 2Flex 1D, and as for weather I think I’m a contender or not is up for debate…

I made the semi-finals this year and lost by .10 of a point, although i would have lost in the finals. My RB core is young with Dalvin Cook and Josh Jacobs as my 2 starters, have Mattinson just in case as well. Not much for depth behind them though, got lucky and was able to use both Mike Davis and Mckinnon in certain instances due to injuries to their respective starters.

WR core is fairly young as well, although don’t have a true #1. Lockette, Deebo, OBJ, Claypool, and Mike Williams are my core. Have a few depth pieces in Greg Ward and Keke Coutee there.

TE is solid with Waller, Jarwin, and Herndon with Asiasi on the taxi. All are cuttable/tradable due to Waller being elite, but Jarwin on the IR cleared up room for Herndon as a flier.

QB i have Rodgers, Jimmy G, and Locke. Rodgers has been solid and will likely continue to do so for at least a couple more years

*edit: I’ll add that i have Ito Smith and Gus Edwards for bench fodder RB’s, although who knows what Atlanta plans to do at RB, they made Ito the starter at the end of the season over Gurley so maybe they plan to make him the starter next year unless they draft one

Thanks for the added info.

I would not consider Cook young. He’ll be 26 entering the 2021 season.

Is the first round pick early or late?

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so like mentioned previously i lost in the semifinals so i’m sitting with the 9th pick currently, not great.

and damn, i was so focused on how well Cook has performed that i neglected to think about his age, i aquired him when he was only 24 and i guess time flies lol.

I still have the window i think but it’s certainly narrowing, i could package cook and mattinson together and just blow it all up?

Wasn’t sure if you had traded for another teams first.

Michael Thomas is a nice piece. Would def help solidify your WR core. I think I lean making that deal. Especially with a late pick in a 1QB league. (Superflex leagues push WR/RB talent down)

With studs at QB/RB/TE, I’d lean towards making the contender push. However, if you do - lean hard.

Personally I will do anything to win-now. Including mortgaging the future. But the decision is yours.

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appreciate the advice, very insightful. Trying my best to gauge value when it comes to dynasty leagues, but finding it difficult thus far.

I shot the offer to the thomas owner, we’ll see what he thinks. If i’m going to go full win-now, then i need to aquire some more RB talent. A late second round pick isn’t going to net me much i’m afraid, how do you feel about melvin gordon? He’s going to have to serve a 4 game suspension for his DUI this past year but he did fairly well this year, could be a suitable flex/bye-week filler.

Otherwise i’m either going to have to try and draft an RB in the second round that will for-sure not start, or package the pick with a player like lockette or OBJ and get someone half-decent. Maybe Kenyan Drake? Underperformed this year and could be a decent buy-low