1st round pick Dilema

Hey All,

I’m in a keeper league with Zeke as my guy. Keepers are assumed to be round Zero so draft starts round 1. I have the 6th overall pick so Kamara, Barkley, Hunt, Cook, are almost guaranteed to be gone as well as probably Deandre Hopkins. With the McCoy news and his age, i want no part of him. Thinking of going for Jordan Howard with a chance at Thielen as my WR1 in round 2. WR’s like AJ, Thomas, and Allen are still out there as well as Mixon and McKinnon for Rb. Thoughts!?

Thank you!

If Keenan Allen is there I would grab him. You would be starting the with potentially a top 5 RB and top 5 WR. I would also take Thomas ahead of Howard there. I am nervous about Howard this year, and I think there are much better choices for your 1st pick. Could have a chance of him falling to the second round if you really want him, but I would take both Mixon and McKinnon over him.

I agree mostly with @FantasyFootballDad above, i’d look for Allen or Thomas to pair with Zeke as they will likely be in the mix for top 5 at the position and will be good if not great each week given their locked in target share. I would think about taking Mixon over Howard but not McKinnon, Mixon the coaching in CIN puts me off along with Gio taking targets but Mixon can be a three down guy but McKinnon is unproven as a starter and has more red flags to me than Howard - who has be nothing but an RB1 to date.
I see Howards consistency getting better this year so he wont burn you on down weeks but I’d take a top 5WR to pair with Zeke first and go from there with your preference from Howard and Mixon if they’re there.

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