1st Round Pick Strategy

As of right now I will be keeping Alvin Kamara as my 11th round pick (picked in 12th round last year), so I was looking for advice on what I should do for my 1st round pick at 1.04? Should I go after another running back there like Zeke or Saquon or WR like Brown or Hopkins? I’m expecting Gurley, Bell, and Johnson to go off the board in the first three picks.

I’m personally buying into the RB heavy strategies this season, especially if I have the chance to have two first round backs. If you can get Zeke there, I do that 10/10 times, I think he and DJ will battle all season long for the top spot at RB… but pairing Kamara with Zeke/Barkley/etc will set you up nicely for the marathon that is the fantasy season.

If you wait for 2nd round (2.7 in a 10 team, 2.09 in 12) you’re probably looking at Freeman/McCaffrey/or McCoy

Obviously ADP data only helps so much as guys slide, but going Zeke/Barkley at 1.04 will put you in a position to grab Michael Thomas/AJ Green/Davante Adams at your 2nd round position.

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If Zeke is there, you take zeke. If not, I would take AB. Rankings as follows given the names you listed: