1st round Playoffs...who to start?

Need a bit of advice on optimizing my roster this week.

QB: Rivers/Watson…Im definitely starting Rivers this week.
WR: Thomas, Humphries, Godwin, Ridley…Obviously starting Thomas but torn with the others
RB: CMC, Mixon, Michel, Ware
TE: Kelce
Flex: currently have Michel here…open to suggestions

Thanks again for the help!


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Any reason why Humphries over Godwin in this matchup? Are the saints giving up more pts to slot receivers?

mainly because Humphries has been better of late, more consistent recently

Im with @JarekF21

I would probably use Humphries as my WR2. Speedster in a shootout usually yields nice dividends.
I would play CMC/Michel as my RB
and Ware in the flex.
I do not like mixon this week. A depleted Cincy offense against a chargers d at full health? no thank you.

Scoring format? If its PPR i would go humphries, if its standard I would go Godwin

PPR format

You like Ware over Mixon even though Ware has Baltimore?

I like the overall KC offense and the volume ware will get more than i do cincy offense and the work mixon will get.
Chargers at full health are scary, and i think the run plays are going to be shut down really quickly throughout the game.
There are way more threats on kc that need to be worried about than there are on Cincy, which should let Ware’s volume get him some points. Also i see him getting a red-zone touchdown, whereas any that cincy get are going to be bombs to boyd (if any)