1st seed tanking to keep 7th place from making playoffs

Debate in our league that I would love your input on. 1st place seed is planning on tanking against the 6th place manager to guarantee that the 7th place manager does not make playoffs.

  • His argument: "it’s strategy, why wouldn’t I want to control who I play? I’ve lost to the 7th place manager twice this season and he has my number so I don’t want him in the playoffs

  • My argument: it goes against the spirit of the game and is unfair for the 7th place manager who may have won 3 games in a row to put himself in playoff contention only to find out that his playoff hopes are controlled by the 1st seed rather than by luck or skill.

with that said, I told the league I’m ok with it IF majority thinks its fair game but with some provisions. Only one I can think of is below.

  1. You must fill an entire active roster (players on IR or ruled out do not count) with the exception of the DEF or Kicker roster spot. Only 1 can be left empty not both.

any thoughts on additional provisions/rules to put in place for next year and what are your thoughts on this entire scenario?

They had this discussion on the podcast yesterday. He needs to fill an active roster. You can call him out on it in your group chat whatever form your league use for communication.

I am trying to implement a rule similar to that. It is hard to determine if tanking of owner given up.

Currently in my league to offset the tanking of number one we have a prize for the number one overall in the regular season. The number one overall in the regular season will get their dues back

yeah i listened to that part and I agree with them. I would love for others to chime in so i can copy and paste it into my group chat with league haha. i already did with your reply