1st time 2 QB 10 team league player

My first time in a 10 man 2 QB league… I have the 4th pick, is that to early to take my 1st QB? Should I grab stud RB then go QB? Thanks all

I don’t think it’s out of the question to draft a QB there, but you’re probably better off getting a difference maker at RB (probably Kamara or Henry at that spot). There’s going to be plenty of middle round, excellent QBs in a 10 team 2 QB league.

Thanks for the help

I would take Mahomes in the unlikely event he falls to 4, but would lean RB over someone like Murray /Allen/ Jackson. Then focus on QB in round 2. However, don’t be surprised if 6 or 7 QBs go off the board before you pick again at 17. I’ve seen up to 9 QB’s going in rounds 1 and 2.