1st Time Dynasty Player

I am a first time dynasty player and looking for a few different draft strategies to consider.

10 team full PPR, 6 points QB TD.


I am interested in hearing some of your experiences regarding your start up dynasty drafts and any tips or tricks.

I have the 3rd pick.

PS. This is my first post and I look forward to a long, hopefully successful few years.

In Dynasty I like to draft 1 strong anchor RB and WRs high since the shelf life for WRs is longer. Your league is full ppr and can start 4 WRs so I would try to get 4 strong WRs. Get 2 or 3 guys that are 27 or younger and get a guy who is 28 or 29 that has a lot of value this year and next. (Tyler Lockett or Robert woods would be a great WR4 for your squad). Then I would make sure to grab Darrell Henderson like round 8. He’s a starting Rb you can get very late. This is just my strategy for strong WRs with still strong RBs. Build RB depth rounds 7-11 and your rookie draft. Grab a young QB like Lance, Fields or Lawrence then a guy like Tannehill or Brady to start this year. Winning now is more important than you think.

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