1st time dynasty startup. Thoughts on how i did?

I would put AJ Devonta and Sammy onto a high injury risk list. I would have a maximum of 1 such player.

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@Dhoye Looks like a great looking team founded on a solid RB1 in Saquon Barkley. I like the depth you have, particularly in the receiving corps. Great job!

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How many teams? I personally would not have Wayne Galman or Will Dissly rostered.

Otherwise it’s a good starting place. I like to remind new dynasty players that despite these being your players forever, they won’t necessarily be on your team forever. In a 16 team, 24 player bench league, after 3 years, the highest number of original players from the startup was 5.

Those 2 are just temp. There is no one left. I dropped carr Becasue i didnt want 3 qbs. Figured Will wouldn’t hurt anything just sitting there for abit. But there is no one else to drop him for. Galman was just a last round pick. Dropable if someone were to come up out of nowhere

I would def roster Carr above those two players. Assuming true dynasty, where you keep all players, it is very difficult to stream.

Can you screen snap or name the highest free agents? My guess is there are several guys that I would rather have rostered.

Obviously to each, their own. Build a team how you see fit.

I can not add anymore wrs

with only 20 man rosters and 10 or even 12 teams, there should be a good amount of decent free agents available on the ww

See above pics

Parker, Enunwa, Moncrief and Hamiliton should be rostered.

I prefer Mattison over Galman if you want to roster an RB backup.

I can’t roster anymore wrs

I dropped him for stafford. I hate having 3 qbs. Such a waste of roster spot

I get that Gallman is your Barkley backup, but Mattison, Burkhead, and Ballage are all better RBs if they get the job IMO. Gallman is “just a guy” to use the vernacular. Mattison is behind an elite RB/offense that has yet to play a full season. He’s talented and would be in the RB1 conversation if Cook misses time (again). Ballage is a rising second-year RB that could easily steal carries from Drake. Especially when you consider Drake’s in the 4th year of his contract (thus opening the door for Ballage to see even more PT late in the season while the team evaluates if they want to let Drake hit FA). If you really want TE depth, I would roster Jack Doyle over Dissly. Colts love throwing to the TE and routinely use 2 TE sets.

As an aside, there looks to be a lot of decent to good FA WRs available. I wouldn’t necessarily endorse switching what you have at the moment, but I see several names that could take big jumps in 2019. Some people think Hamilton can pass Sutton to be Denver’s #1 WR this year, especially if you’re skeptical Sanders can return to form after a late season torn achilles (I am). Watch out for D. Moore (SEA) as the Lockett owner.

These are just bottom of the bench nits based on my opinion. Overall solid team. Good Luck!

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Update: traded Washington for kupp and Foreman