1st time FAAB league question

Joining an established league this year that uses faab which clears nightly, $100 budget, $0 bid allowed, drafting during pre season week 2.
Typically I don’t draft a K or Def and wait until right before week 1 to pick up. However I am worried that is a bad move in FAAB leagues since looking back at the leagues previous draft results almost all teams leave with a K and Def. Is there something different with FAAB I am missing? I plan to use those spots for handcuffs in case there is a major injury before week 1.


I think you should be good to follow your plan. Depending on the minimum bid in your league, you still may even be able to pick up those positions without spending any FAAB.

I think you will be OK. You should still be able to get kickers and d with $0 bids. This is a strategy I follow in my faab leagues and I generally feel it at least gave me flexibility even if I didn’t need the handcuffs in the end.

I use this same strategy in my FAAB league. You’ll be more than ok.