1st time trading picks

Hey Ballers!

I have been offered a 2021-1.11, 2022-1st and 2nd round pick. Giving up 2021-1.03 and my 2022 3rd round pick.

If I don’t make a trade with my pick, is 1.03 of this year’s draft a good spot to be if I am looking for a RB?

Thanks for the help!

What are your league settings? Is your team in a position to compete, or are you closer to a rebuilding team?

At 1.03 you have a better chance at getting an RB that will help you this year. This years RB class is too heavy with a pretty clear top 3. At 1.11 it is unlikely one of those 3 will get that far. The only caveat is if the league is a SuperFlex or 2 QB league. In this setting it is possible one of those RBs will fall to the end of the 1st.

I would probably ask for a bit more to move back that far.

Half ppr, 2 flex, no kickers.

Not in a rebuild, I’d say l just above that haha but after much thinking I ended up rejecting the trade. Makes more sense to add another solid piece at RB or WR at this point with my team.

Thank you

Ya good call, at this point I’d be better off going with the 1.03 and add another solid piece my team.

Thank you

Was gunna try and swing something and get a RB out of it but he doesn’t have what I want at RB.