1st Time using UDK

This is my first year using the UDK…
My draft is on the 31st.
What is the best way to get the most out of the UDK for my draft??
Do I use the cheat sheet to draft by Tiers and which is the best way to use this cheat sheet?
I have won multiple championships before, but would like to get one for the Fantasy Footballers.

Can’t recommend Tier based drafting enough.


If you’ve won multiple times in the past, just use the UDK as a supplement, not gospel.

I used it during the draft to keep track of who was drafted and to show value on any given choice based on tier, ADP, and projections.

Trust in yourself and dont let the UDK to second guess yourself.


I have a similar question for a first time UDK subscriber. I generally understand the tools, but is there a “user manual”? For instance, recommendations of how certain tools were intended to be used. Like, a good thought is to use consistency as a tie break for players in the same tier. I am guessing that those that put together the UDK have thoughts on how each aspect should be used in prep for the draft and during the draft. Am I wrong?

They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.