1st Trade Package of the Year

12 Team full PPR

My Squad:
QB: Brady, Hurts
RB: Barkley, Mixon, Mostert, Connor, Mckissic
WR: Lamb, Lockette, Deebo, Pittman Jr, Edwards
TE: Higbee

His Team
QB: Mahomes
RB: Cook, Henderson, Edmonds, Mattinson, Booker, Hyde
WR: Allen, Godwin, Aiyuk, Curtis Samuel, Gage
TE: Gesicki

He’s come at me trying to secure Connor to lock up the Arizona backfield. I have a counter in mind and wanted to see what you all thought. He’s noted that he doesn’t love his WR situation.

Lockette, Mostert, Edwards
Godwin, Edmonds, Booker

I’d get the Brady/Godwin stack at RB, lock up cardinals backfield, and get barkley’s backup

He get’s a comparable WR, a better starting RB, and a boom/bust late round flier.


I want Lockett/Mostert side. Lockett>Godwin and Mostert>Edmonds to me

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appreciate the insight, was trying to come up with a way we both win but you may be right. Got a little ahead of myself thinking about the Brady/Godwin stack lol. Will probs sit tight for now.

I thought you said HE wants to lock up the Cardinals’ backfield. So why would he give you Edmonds?