1st year Dynasty Trade Help

6-0 in my first year of dynasty league, deciding to cash in a few assets to go win-now.

Still really unsure how to value players in dynasty, but i do own the backups of both David Johnson (chase edmonds) and CMC (reggie Bonnafon). I told the owners of these studs that i’m willing to trade them their backups along with picks to aquire players i can use now.

For Reggie Bonnafon, i was offered the following 4 players (all individual trades)

Kumerow - WR GB age 27
D. Thomas - WR Jets age 31
Willie Snead - WR Balt age 27
Jaron Brown - WR Sea age 29

Brown gives the most apparent upside this year with the loss of Dissly, and could be a potential flex player. Wondering if any of these people are worth trading for, or am i under/overvaluing backups to studs for dynasty purposes?

Snead is in an explosive offense and has had a nose for the endzone, you could do worse for a spot start during a bye week. DT is a decent flier too in case he continues to earn a consistent target share.

But since you’re new to dynasty, you try to build toward both now and the future simultaneously, but when you’re challenging for the title you should essentially play it slightly more like a redraft (within reason). Lots of things can change from one off-season to the next, so a hyper focus on youth and longevity isn’t always the best strat unless you’re fully rebuilding. “Win-now” refers to a roster that can challenge now but doesn’t have longevity to compete long-term; it’s usually the step before a full rebuild

Excellent advice, it’s true dynasty has quite the learning curve and i don’t think i’ll have the hang of it for a year or 2.

That being said, what would you advise? This being year 1 for the whole league, obviously teams are stretched pretty thin. I only said i was in “win now” mode because i’m in first place at 6-0, projecting to win again this week (projections mean nothing but just saying).

Does someone like the backup to a starter carry more value? Like does holding Bonnafon until an injury occurs better value than aquiring a player like Brown or Snead that i can use as flex options now?

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Post your team

oh boy, here we go.

4point half ppr

Edit: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2Flex, 1D

QB: Rodgers, Garropolo, Trubisky
RB: Lindsay, Ingram, Jacobs, Edmonds, Bonnafon, Edwards
WR: Adams, Cooper, Woods, Koutee, Goodwin, Switzer, David Moore, Dante Pettis
TE: Walker, Hooper, Seals-Jones
D: Patriots, Rams

QB: Lock
RB: Mattinson, Williams
WR: Johnson, Harris

Looks decent for a startup, nice job.

If the CMC or DJ owner has good depth they likely don’t need Bonnafon or Edmonds, but they still carry some value. If you can get picks out of them, those are more valuable than the players you mentioned. A 2nd would be a steal, but realistically one of the handcuffs plus a 3rd would be a good deal. Otherwise the cuffs are a good stash in case of an injury, which would also drive up their respective prices.