2.01 for Allen Robinson, Yes or No..?

I was offered the 2.01 (11th Pick) for Allen Robinson…. Yes or No…?

10 team, 2 QB NPPR dynasty league (Non TE prem)

2QB, 3RB, 3WR, 2TE, 2 FLX, 6 BENCH

18 man roster, 14 keepers

4 round rookie/vet draft. I have the 1.06, 3.06 & 4.06

My roster… Starters in bold

QB - Tannehill, Fields , Wentz, Darnold
RB - Taylor, Saquon, Henderson , Hines
WR - Tyreek, Jefferson, K Allen , ARob, Kirk, Reagor
TE - Andrews, Kmet , Engram

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This depends on if you believe A Rob will go to another team or not.

If you dont believe in A Rob or care what team he goes to, then the 2.01 is an acceptable compensation for him. Not going to get anything higher than that most likely.


I agree with @recespieces31 on this. I personally am in on ARob but I’m looking to buy him at a less than that price. This is the 1.11 in many leagues and in the first round I do not think you get an offer. You can skate into a top 12 pick. That’s a good return for him. We have no idea where he’ll go. While he has been awesome, if he is cooked you’ll get a sweet return on the 2.01.

If nothing else, you might be able to package 2.01 + Kirk/Reagor and upgrade to an even better known player instead of rolling the dice.

For me it’s not really a slam dunk, but I’d be leaning towards taking the 2.01.

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I’d be a little tempted to take this given its non ppr. I think he bounces back next season probably on a new team but i think the pick is s good move. I think it could give you sn opportunity to turn 1.06 into something even better or with another of your movable assets.

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