2.02 rookie pick - TE, QB or Best Player?

Footclan. I have the 2.02, and definitely have a need at TE. My current TEs are OJ Howard, Brate and Everett.

The way I see it, I have 3 options. Which one makes the most sense?

  • Draft Rosen or Mayfield (I have Mariota, Ryan, Mahomes)
  • Draft Gesicki
  • Draft the best skill player (Kirk, Miller, Washington)

I know RBs and WRs are valuable, but I have needs elsewhere. Thoughts?

I think I’d draft best available. You already have a young unproven (up and coming) QB in Mahomes. Don’t know the details of your league but you can likely get a QB much later or through a trade.

It’s possible you take Gesicki there but I’m guessing you will have a higher tier WR or RB there.

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It’s a 1 QB league. I just think Rosen has the potential to be great. Realistically though, it would make sense to just go best WR/RB available. My TE situation worries me though, so that’s why Gisecki is so tempting

I agree with @Bryan about Mahomes.

I really don’t mind your TE situation; but, I’m also a guy who streams streams and streams some more. Brate or Howard should be effective week to week (have to see how it plays out) and Everett could blow up (Jack Doyle style from last year).

As for who you should pick, I go Kirk, Miller, Washington in that order. Kirk may not be great this year; but, he is a slot WR learning from a HOF slot WR in Fitz who will retire after this year. Plus, Kirk will have Rosen in the future. Miller may be more productive this year but I think his ceiling is lower than Kirk in the long run. Washington is talented; but, with JuJu on the roster, will not be the 1st option even with his old college QB (plus AB still has 3ish years left).

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Best available for sure. You can always trade for a better tight end, not draft a rookie and hope for the best. I also agree you are set at QB. Build your rb and wr depth for now

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Miller would be my pick. Kirk 2nd, then Mayfield.