2.07 for Sammie Watkins

Should I trade my 2.07 pick to get Sammie Watkins?

Rookie pick I assume? If so, if definitely do that.

yeah 2.07 rookie pick, for a teams number 1 WR? hell yeah. there was a time when watkins was one of the hottest things in fantasy football. but nagging injuries that are gone, and a weird season with the rams have put people off of him. the 2.07 on ADP is kalen ballage. im 100% taking that and running the fuck away. watkins is very skilled, on a team that has every opportunity to be explosive. do it.

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I dont buy that he’s the #1 (I think Hill is just scratching the surface), but even so, I think he’s well worth 2.07.

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Follow the money my friend. 16 mil a year doesnt say 2nd or 3rd option. That’s their number 1.

I would do this in a heartbeat. Go accept before the owner changes their mind.

It says they think he’s worth that much and could afford to pay him. That’s all. If Hill had been up for an extension and they’d gotten Watkins instead, that would mean something. That was not the case.

He counter offered the 1.12 the 2.03 & Watkins for my 1.05 I still have the 1.04 pick too.

I would take that deal too. Can get another one of the top WRs in the class. And at 1.05, the top guys are off the board anyway.

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they have basically no money now because of it. they couldnt afford him, they just knew he was worth it. dont make excuses for fact. they paid him like a number 1, to use him like a number 1. and hill, really isnt that good. he has speed, and has improved his routes. but he has a ways to go till he is watkins good.

Tyreek is their number 1. They paid Watkins because he is very talented and they have plans for him, but Tyreek is their number 1. and to say that Tyreek really isn’t that good is insane. He had over 1100 yards and 7 TDs last year, his second year in the league. That is more yards than Watkins has ever had in a season, and only 2 less TDs than Watkins season high. And you can’t compare money to say who is their number one, Tyreek is still on his rookie contract so it won’t even be close. WRs always get paid in free agency, look at the other signings. Robinson got $42m over 3, friggin Albert Wilson got $24m over 3. I believe in Watkins talent, I will own a lot of shares of him, but to say he is the clear cut #1 and Tyreek isn’t that good is just ignorant.

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or, by chance i might be a chiefs fan and have watched every single snap of his to the point of knowing what move he is going to use against just about anyone. i know hill very well, and i know how weak he can be. his claim to fame is his speed, and it is freakish. but his routes are sloppy compaired to watkins, especially against a press man coverage. he was forced into a WR1 roll last year and still had less targets than kelce. he caught less balls, but for more yards, and less TDs than kelce. he wasnt even the 1 last year. so what makes him the one this year? nothing. he is a gadget player and will play that roll to perfection. watkins is a WR1 who people like you look over, for no reason. they paid that man top 4 WR money. when they didnt have the money to spend for it. they had to dump half their team just to do it. if all the signs dont point to what im saying, then they never will. you sound like you have been bit by watkins because of his past so you wont look to his future. dont fall for the trap man.

I’m not making excuses, I’m pointing out that your evidence does not prove your conclusion at all, which it absolutely does not.

Watkins is a luxury that they can, in fact afford (we know they can afford him because they gave him the contract and it’s valid). They can afford him largely because they have their QB and WR1 on cheap rookie deals. Not having any money left over is not relevant when you have a full roster, especially when cap room is easily creatable in the NFL. Further, it’s following the recent trend of supporting the young QB by surrounding him by talent.

Hill is literally a better right now that Watkins has ever proven to be, actually has experience in the offense, and is on an upward trajectory in every category. He has as much raw talent as almost any WR in the league and has take enormous strides to refine his technique.

watkins was a luxury they had to dump half of their roster for, and then back load the shit out of his contract just to do it. the signs are there. he has more talent, is a better route runner, and has never had a QB throw to him near as good as smith or mahomes. everything points to him being the 1. since, ya know… even andy reid said he is. by paying him like a top 4 WR. just because hill is on a rookie contract, doesnt take away from the fact that they commited to watkins HARD. you dont do that, unless you plan to use him like he is what you paid him. a damn WR1.

You keep saying they got rid of half their roster, but that just isn’t true. They definitely got rid of a lot of the older players, and allowed others to walk in order to re-sign others and sign some new guys (not just Watkins) but that’s not the same thing.

it is the same thing… they needed the cap space, they moved people around to make it. trading smith and cutting DJ and hali, ron parker, they didnt resign people they could have used… all to make room for the players they did want. watkins and hitchens. dont downplay the fact that they let those people go, and then spent BIG money on the new players. you cant change that fact. they paid watkins like a top 5 guy. they did not do that to put him third on their targets. i really dont understand how either one of you can deny that. even if it doesnt work out that way, thats what they paid him for. and if he doesnt produce like our 1, he will be a huge bust. because you dont spend that much money, when you are that short on cap, and not use the guy like what you paid him. if it was the browns, i would have felt different. because they had money to throw. the chiefs didnt. and they chose to use it on watkins, and not someone else.

Don’t be putting words in my mouth. I am not overlooking him and was not bit by him, I said I believe in him and will own a lot of shares of him. I am just saying you are unfairly trashing Tyreek for no reason. He steal your girl or sleep with your mom or something? Dude can ball. And just because the TE gets more receptions and yards doesn’t mean he is not a #1 WR. That can happen with elite TEs that great mismatches and are big red zone targets. Gronk led the Pats with receptions, yards and TDs last year, doesn’t mean Cooks wasn’t a #1 WR. Ertz led the Eagles in receptions and yards and was one behind Jeffrey for TDs. When you have an elite level talent at TE chances are they will lead the team in receiving due to the mismatches created with LBs and DBs. Watkins will have a good, maybe even great year, but Tyreek is the #1 WR on that team right now. And Andy Reid did not say he is the #1. He has given him a lot of compliments and likes what he sees, but did not name him the #1 WR on that team.

and youre putting words into my mouth. im not trashing tyreek. im saying what he is. he is a gadget player, and will play that to perfection. words i already said. he will be valuable, for fantasy and real life football. he can ball. but is super weak in certain situations. get him the ball, and he is explosive. but average hands and average route running isnt going to cut it as their number 1. unless he has improved his routes to watkins level in 1 year, then no. it wont happen. and reid did say he is their number 1. by paying him like he is. again, i said that word for word. i didnt say he actually mouthed those words. i said he said that by paying him like that. so if you want to complain about putting words into someones mouth, dont do it yourself.

a gadget player posts 1,100 receiving yards?

Deja vu. BusterD at it again. Guess the only commonality this time in all 3 altercations on this forum is you?

Edit: Not sure if the claims of Hill being just a gadget player and not being able to run routes is founded though. I value the reception perception analysis and it doesn’t support claims that he is just a gadget who can’t run routes. In fact people respect his speed so much he actually has decent success vs man and press. Direct quote from RP:

“At this point in their respective careers, Hill is a superior true receiver to his new teammate Sammy Watkins and should remain the focal point of that position group. Still insisting that Hill is a gadget player or doesn’t run “real routes” is a whistle the speaker isn’t watching the games.”