2.07 for Sammie Watkins

na man, this isnt an altercation. this is a debate. you and i had an altercation, to which i said lets not talk anymore. to which you decided to do anyway? not sure whats up with that. guess people like you just want to cause issues just because.

and yeah, deshaun jackson is a perfect example. he has put up multiple 1000 yard seasons. but has also put up a lot that are under. speed like that can get you places for sure, and will get you good seasons. but it doesnt mean you are a lifer WR1.

That is what you typed.

And average hands? 4 drops on 105 targets, 71.4% catch rate, 81.9% catchable target rate and 64.3% contested catch rate seems pretty more than average to me.

Tone and language each time was basically same. You stating your opinion as fact, twisting stuff other people said to fit your own scheme. @FantasyFootballDad literally just said exactly what I said word for word in the other string. I’ve actually avoided you every time until now. And TBH, I always thought it was debate, you’re the one who got really sensitive and put in the let’s not talk clause.

lol dude you left the part out right after where i said, cause he paid him to be that.

and yes, average hands. i have watched him at training camp, in person. im not blowing smoke here i know the dude better than most.

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IDK who you are saying is the commonality, me or BusterD. And yea, no altercation, just a good strong fantasy debate. Still 70 days till kickoff, need something to occupy the time.

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Was talking Buster. Got into some heated debates in the past as well. But dude got pretty mad so went south :slight_smile:

EDIT: at the end of the day, no way to know who’s right. I love Sammy and love his talent. But Tyreek has proven he’s more than just a gadget player as well. Guess time will tell…

yeah, because you were getting to be too much. fantasydad here, he isnt. we disagree but i have yet to get any kind of vibe from him like i do you… and still do since youre still starting shit for no reason. im here to have fun and debate, not to have a pissing match with you.

Just went back and reread it, and you have periods all over the place. Need to use some commas here and there if you want people to know what you are talking about.

And I didn’t realize you went to training camp and watched him. My bad, that totally makes you an expert on his skills. I go to Patriots training camp every year, I should call up ESPN and have them make me their Patriots beat reporter.

Whatever you say buddy. Take it ez. Don’t burst a blood vessel, it’s just a game

Really? I was thinking of going one year. Die hard pats fan. How is it?

I enjoy it, I live in Foxboro so it is just around the corner. I would suggest getting there early, a crazy amount of people go.

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Desean Jackson was a number one receiver…

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What I wouldn’t give to shake the GOAT’s hand one time…

hey man my periods are to draw you in. its for the high class individuals like myself.

and it does make me more of an expert on his skills than you. just like i wouldnt argue with what you have seen in person about any patriots player. i have insider info. doesnt make me an expert, but im going to trust that over someone out in boston.

@chris1914 yeah, he was also a WR2, a WR3… he had a season as bad as 30 receptions, 500 yards and 4 TDs. he has put up WR1 numbers, but that doesnt make him a WR1. just like hill.

Haha, this made me laugh. Insider info, an expert, hahaha

still didnt say i was an expert. you need to learn how to read bruh.

Friggin A man, what is your deal?

lol i said more of an expert, doesnt make me an expert. just more than dude. i could be more of an expert on tea parties than you, doesnt make me an expert at that.

Whatever you say bro