2-4-1 Trade

I currently have Philip Rivers and Matthew Stafford.

I’m looking to give up Stafford and Fitzgerald in return Tyreek Hill.

Would y’all make this trade?

In a heartbeat


whoa whoa whoa,

your looking to give up those 2 for tyreek hill ? or you’ve been offered it?

If you’ve been offered it, take it and run.

If that’s what you plan to offer, you WILL get laughed at.

We’ll see if this guy takes it. He has both of his quarterbacks on bye so I’m hoping that helps my chances…

anybody with half a brain wouldn’t do that trade

There’s no way someone would accept that

He’s got AB too. We’ll find out soon enough.

“‘You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take’- Wayne Gretzky”-Michael Scott

you are offering literal garbage for a top 10 WR lmao

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Just because he has another elite WR doesn’t mean the value of Tyreek is depleted. If I saw this offer I’d be insulted

A+ for the quote. F for the trade

You’re offering something worse that Fitzgerald for Tyreek Hill. Stafford is worthless to a team with 2 QBs. And all he does is make them drop someone else. Only way your trading partner considers it for a split second before laughing at you is if they’ve never heard of this thing called waivers

Guys, maybe he’s just trolling us and actually got us SO good

Well I do get tilted when I see trade proposals like this lol

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haha i agree